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Online Safety

Mr Winstanley is our Leader for
Computing and Online Safety

Computing is taught weekly as a discrete subject where pupils learn about using the internet, communicating, data retrieval and security, presentation and programming. They are then encouraged to apply the skills that they have learnt throughout all areas of the curriculum.   Each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and at least one desktop computer. Each year group has a bank of thirty iPads and sixteen netbooks so that computing underpins the entire curriculum in every class. We also have two banks of Chromebook computers currently on trial in Years 4 and 5, so that children are up to speed with and get used to using the latest technology.

The children use interactive activities, games, puzzles and 3D virtual reality daily, in order to ensure that they are kept interested and, most importantly, are enjoying what they are being taught. We also have camcorders, digital cameras and Easi-speak voice recorders in each year group, which not only mean that we can evidence what the children have been doing, but also provides children the opportunity to assess and analyse their own work.

We employ an onsite specialised technician who ensures that all our equipment is functioning effectively and supports teachers with their lessons. Safeguarding our children using new technologies is our priority and the children are regularly educated about the risks involved and are taught strategies about what to do should a situation occur where they feel unsafe.  An instantly deployable screen shade is also installed on all windows computers. All iPads can be monitored by the class teacher using Apple Classroom.

Our website is updated weekly and provides both parents and children with information related to school and the curriculum.

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