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Absence and Holiday Procedures

We all know that every-day attendance at school is vital for children to get the most out of their education. However, we recognise that children may sometimes be ill and, therefore, some absence is unavoidable.

Please telephone school (01484 647925) on the first day of any absence with a reason, as records of all absences have to be kept by the school. We will telephone you if we have had no reason for an absence, usually during the morning of the first day.

Leave of Absence
Any requests to take your child out of school during term-time must be made in writing, in advance, to the head teacher. A planned absence form will need to be completed for ALL types of absence, including holidays, a long-term absence or any appointments. 

Forms are available from the school office or can be downloaded HERE.

Please return completed forms to the office. Please note that several factors will be taken into account when authorising such a request, including previous attendance and prior attainment in school.

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