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Sports Premium Impact

Sports Premium funding is used to good effect by investing in a local Sports Partnership and, in previous years, we have invested in employing specialist physical education coaching, which improved both the teachers’ skills and their delivery of lessons. There have been increased opportunities for pupils to take part in sporting competitions with other schools as a result.

The difference that high quality physical education and school sport make to the lives of young people is quite remarkable.

This year we have used the Sports Premium funding to buy into a PE scheme called Spiral PE. Spiral PE runs from Reception to Year 6, teaching 18 transferable skills for each key stage under different focus areas such as: Agility, Balance and Co-ordination in KS1 and Physical, Cognitive and Manipulation in KS2. There are 36 end of year expectation statements for each year group, 2 per skill area which the children will be assessed on at the end of each term.


We believe in providing children with a broad and balanced PE curriculum that will motivate children to lead healthy lifestyles. We believe that sports and extracurricular clubs play an important role in promoting social inclusion, healthy lifestyle and self-confidence.

Children should have access to high quality PE teaching and resources that will hopefully give them an interest in the subject and encourage them to participate in a range of sports and raise their attainment levels.

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