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How we teach Science

Science at Reinwood Junior school is taught in a creative and fun way to encourage children to plan investigations in a personal way; to learn about the ever-changing world and communicate their findings through diagrams and written work. In Science, we endeavour to develop pupils’ scientific knowledge and skills, using scientific vocabulary and encourage them to whilst encouraging them to explore ideas. At Reinwood Junior school, we believe that children learn through doing and therefore we place a large importance on ‘Working Scientifically’, whereby children can design, create, undertake and report on their own investigations. Some of these may include: 
Year 3 – Investigate materials, linked to ‘Forces’. 
Year 4 – Investigate vibrations, linked to ‘Sound’. 
Year 5 – Investigate solutions, linked to ‘Properties and changing materials’. 
Year 6 – Investigate lung capacity, linked to ‘Heart and Circulatory system’. 
In school, we make use of opportunities for outdoor learning to enhance our Science curriculum. The school has a good bank of resources that are replaced and updated regularly. Across the school, educational visits are arranged to support the topics in school, not only does this enrich learning opportunities, it also ensures a ‘hands on’ approach is used. 
Examples of our visits and visitors include: 
Year 3 - 'Love Science' Rocks and Soils Workshop
Year 4 – Visit to Blackpool Zoo, linked to ‘Grouping Living Things’
Year 5 – Animal Man linked to 'Living Things'
Year 6 – Primary Engineer, linked to ‘Electricity’

Science Overview

Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6


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