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Giving Roots to Grow


History and Geography are now taught as separate subjects, however links are made between the subjects for example children will learn about the geography of Egypt before learning about the Ancient Egyptians. Children are given the opportunity to study a range of time periods chronologically questioning  the impact and influence people and events from the past have on our life today. Children are given opportunities to look at the work of archeologists and observe, interpret and question a variety of sources.

Both the UK and other countries throughout the world are investigated, with localities contrasted. An emphasis is placed on using geographical vocabulary to interpret maps, describe physical features and understand the impact humans have had on their environment.

Children are encouraged to lead their own learning, investigate questions independently, work within groups and take part in workshops and visits linked to the theme being studied. Our school grounds have been developed to include an Anderson Shelter to give children a ‘hands on’ approach.


Reinwood Junior School Geography Progression Map

Geography Overview for all year groups

Geography Subject Statement


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