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The way we teach Computing

At Reinwood Junior School, our children are taught a progression of skills in all areas of the computing curriculum. The traditional skills of ICT are taught discreetly across each year group. The skill of word processing underpins our content creation (traditional ICT) strand of learning. This is a focus during the early part of year 3 so that the children are able to take those skills and use technology effectively to enrich and enhance their learning across the curriculum . We build upon these early presentation skills by introducing a variety of multimedia presentation techniques across the school, including green screen videography, video editing and stop frame animation. 

We are mindful that, in an ever changing world, it is important that our learners do not become over reliant on a particular software package or device and that they recognise the portability of the skills that they possess. To achieve this, at Reinwood Junior School, we provide access to a range of office software packages from Microsoft, Google and Apple as well as a range of devices which include, Windows Laptops, Chromebooks, iPads and the soon to be introduced Raspberry Pi’s. At the end of KS2 we ask the children to evaluate the options available to them and choose the best tools to meet their needs. 

Our Digital literacy strand of learning, which includes online safety, is designed to make children more aware of the ways that computer systems work. We empower them to make smart choices about the technology and services that they use so that they can maintain healthy online relationships and use technology to enrich their lives whilst avoiding some of the associated pitfalls. 

Our computer science strand of learning allows the children to write their own code to accomplish specific tasks. Through the use of, we present these skills in small, easy to digest sections. The progression through each year and between year groups leaves our children with a solid understanding of the core principles of software development, leaving them with a solid foundation on which to build in both their academic and personal lives. 

The children use interactive activities, games, puzzles and experiences, to provide a stimulating learning environment that fosters enthusiasm, supports classroom teaching and often allows parents to support learning at home. The use of Google Classroom has revolutionised our ability to provide a complete and balanced remote learning experience to our families. Combined with subscriptions to services such as TTRockstars, Spelling Shed and Education City our curriculum is made available to our learners from a wide array of devices, giving them the ability to take ownership of their own learning. 

We employ an onsite specialised IT technician, who ensures that all our equipment is functioning effectively. Safeguarding our children using new technologies is our priority and the children are regularly educated about the risks involved and are taught strategies about what to do should a situation occur where they feel unsafe. 


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