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How we teach English.


At Reinwood we believe that English is the most important single area of children’s learning. It is the key for accessing and understanding the rest of the curriculum.

In school we teach English through the power of reading. It is a strategy that seeks to support children’s knowledge and understanding through a variety of teaching approaches and the study of whole texts. Children respond fantastically to the breadth of learning opportunities and they enjoy getting involved with books. Quality texts have been selected for children to study and where possible these have links to the broader curriculum and the themes particular year groups are studying. The enthusiasm for this approach is fantastic across the school and the results show continuing high attainment. Children also engage in spelling lessons three times per week. Lessons focus on helpful rules and strategies to spell words and are taught in a fun and exciting manner. Likewise, children are also taught grammar and punctuation in a weekly lesson and they then apply what they have learnt to longer pieces of writing.


A lifelong love of reading is further promoted through Guided Reading. All children have access to a wide range of texts from other cultures and our literacy heritage; including classics. It is our belief that reading widely promotes children’s understanding of the magic of language thereby developing pupils’ writing.

Ofsted said:

“The ‘Power of Reading’ initiative is filtering through the school, raising expectations and engaging pupils in extended reading.”

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English and Reading

At Reinwood Junior school, we like to promote ‘the love of reading’ in all our children and we want every child to leave the school being confident, fluent readers. We encourage children to ‘read for pleasure’ and we have carefully selected a wide range of texts for each year group, to ensure that children have access to a range of different authors, genres and fiction and non-fiction writing.


We know that reading for pleasure has a very positive effect on educational performance and we therefore, give children opportunities to do this in the school day, where they can select a wide range of books from their class book shelves and from our school library, which houses a wide range of non-fiction texts. As well as reading in school, we like to encourage pupils to read as much as possible at home.  Parents are also encouraged to get involved with this, by listening to children read and filling out their Reading Cards. Teachers reward children for completing their Reading homework and each half term, a child is given a ‘Most Improved Reader’ certificate.

In recent months, we have begun to forge great relationship with Kirklees libraries and as such, have encouraged children to register as members at the library so that they can make use of the many things that they have to offer, such as loaning up to 15 books, accessing audio books and thousands of magazines and being a part of a range of clubs, such as Lego club, Craft club and Coding club (please see the links). As well, each year group will participate in activities run by the library, such Multi-sensory class visits; Local History class visits; Coding class visits and Story Walks.

Please follow the useful links below to access useful information to encourage your child to read.

Suggested books for children with advice on how to read with your child.Children's Book Club etc.


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