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Social Media: Guides For Parents

Social media is rapidly changing and deeply embedded into the lives of many people. It can bring people closer together but it can also bring its own problems.

Whilst social networks are blocked by our school filtering system, we address the need to be safe whilst using social media during our PSHE and Computing sessions. Most social networks have a minimum age requirement of 13 years old and as such, our children should not be using these services. Aspects of social media are increasingly prevalent in online games where it is used as a tool to create a community of loyal users and keep them coming back. Some of these games are targeted towards children of primary school age, whilst others are aimed at older children but still hold a fascinating appeal for our children.

We would always suggest that you check the minimum age of the social network or game in question and abide by their terms and conditions. As parents, you are ultimately responsible for what your children get up to online. The guides on this page will help you to make informed decisions.

Please note that all guides are maintained by charities and well intention-ed volunteers. Whilst efforts are made to keep guides up to date and relevant, some guides may seem dated in comparison to the rapid development of these platforms.

This handy leaflet from Childnet was sent home in 2017.

The UK Safer Internet Centre offer guides to some social networks on their site, often linking directly to relevant settings of the social network itself. offers guidance and advice from the NSPCC in partnership with O2. Due to this partnership, free advice is available face to face in most 02 stores, via a free, booked appointment or over the phone at 0808 8005002

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