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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural provision

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development
The key to our successful SMSC provision is the secure, inclusive and engaging climate for learning that we build within our school. A child centred, positive culture, where all members of the school and wider community are valued and respected equally.

Spiritual - reflective, imaginative, creative and curious
Children have many opportunities to reflect throughout the school day on their own learning and the learning of others as they evaluate it during every lesson. Reflection is a key feature of our assemblies and circle time, when children can reflect not only on their learning but their thoughts and feelings about what they have learnt. Using ‘restorative justice’, we also provide children with the skills to reflect on their behaviour. When needed, a physical space is provided for reflection in our Nurture Room.

Involving children in formulating and finding answers to their questions is a key part of the pedagogy in the school. Children develop imagination and creativity through an engaging curriculum, which is enhanced with quality resources, visits and the activities taking place in Forest School and our wildlife area, archaeological dig site and Anderson shelter. This is complemented by a varied and comprehensive after-school club provision, productions and performances.

Moral - empathetic, understanding, reasoned with a sense of right and wrong
Through the curriculum we provide, the children are empowered with a keen sense of fairness and justice. They have a clear idea about right and wrong. Successful and consistent use of our behaviour management scheme, ‘Good To Be Green’, throughout school, rewarding positive behaviour with a wide variety of ‘Golden Time’ activities and the ‘Restorative Justice and Conferencing’ programme has led to a very large majority of children who are able to take responsibility for their actions and are capable of reflecting on their behaviour and the behaviour of others. This ability to see life from the point of view of others is vital in developing empathy.

We have Parent/Teacher/Child agreed ‘School Rules’ and, each year, classes devote time to developing a ‘Class Charter’. These are visible and recapped often to enable children to make informed and appropriate choices.

Social - the skills to participate, cooperate and engage
With a socio-economically diverse, multicultural, multi-faith catchment, we are responsible for promoting tolerance and the majority of children are able to play and learn together without this being an issue. Regular opportunities to mix with children from different year groups, through initiatives such as, ‘Reading Friends’ and having School Teams and Partner Classes further develops confident socialising and an atmosphere of working together as a team.

To ensure that social development is a key strength of the school, we successfully promote and develop the importance of kindness, politeness, care and awareness of the needs of others in the vast majority of children. This is evidenced by the overwhelmingly complementary feedback we receive from visitors and after school trips, regarding the politeness and friendliness of the children. We allocate a lunchtime supervisor to each class, who is able to build a relationship with the class and individuals as another way we encourage these values and support their continuation throughout the school day, beyond lessons. 

Community links through 'Intergeneration’ and the ‘Seasons House’ develop children’s sense of the wider community and the contribution they can make to it. Opportunities are taken within school to widen the children’s understanding of citizenship through School Council and Eco-groups, which meet regularly and are consulted in relevant decisions and events in school. Representatives from each class are able to contribute and debate the ideas and questions raised in circle time and class discussion, giving all children a voice to share opinions and interest in challenging issues from local, national and global contexts. ‘Ambassadors’ for the school are able to confidently greet, guide and explain its features and practices for visitors.

Our Sports Premium funding ensures that we receive a high quality of coaches visiting the school.  Pupils then participate and fully engage in team work.

Cultural - awareness, tolerance and respect
We are fortunate to have a culturally diverse community within our school. However, we do not take this for granted and are keen to offer opportunities for children to successfully learn about their own culture and the culture of others through a broad curriculum that includes many visitors and visits. We strive to continue this celebration of difference beyond the classroom through activities such as ‘Family Homework Projects’, which focus on topics such as Black History Month and a variety of religious festivals. We are proud to have very few incidents where children do not show respect, tolerance and acceptance for the different beliefs and backgrounds of other pupils. There are very few incidents of racism and bullying and we constantly work to help children to recognise and understand the severity of incidents of this nature, which children respond to with shock and actively report.

There are many opportunities to participate in artistic, sporting and cultural activities both within and in addition to the curriculum. The performing arts are a strength for the school and drama and film clubs are popular and successful. School productions, choirs and participation in local events and performances are features that happen regularly and are well supported. Staff have worked hard to achieve ‘Artsmark’ and ‘Sing-up Gold’ status. Sport is also a priority, with children involved at many levels, including competition, where the children have gained success. Teaching children how to compete with good grace is essential to this work. Children clearly enjoy the successes achieved by the school and each other and these are celebrated in achievement assembly each week.

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