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Thrive and Stonewall

~ Thrive ~

What is it and what does it do?

Miss Roberts
Miss Roberts

Thrive is a dynamic, developmental approach to working with children and young people that helps teachers and adults to interpret their behaviour and address their emotional needs. The Thrive Approach offers practical, effective tools and techniques that work, built around a web-based assessment and action planning tool.

Informed by a developmental model, Thrive uses relational, play-and arts-based activities in one-to-one sessions, in small group sessions or in class as lessons progress.

The program supports individual assessment of emotional and social skills based on observed behaviours and baseline skills, as well as whole class screening. Each child’s needs and the strategies to address them are set out in individual, targeted action plans, which may be implemented over a number of weeks or several years, depending on the child’s needs.

Miss Roberts is our qualified Thrive Practitioner. 

~ Stonewall ~

What is it? and what does it do?

Mrs Haigh
Mrs Haigh

Stonewall training gives our school teachers the knowledge, tools and confidence to teach and tackle issues in and around school regarding homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying.

It enables us to celebrate difference and teach the children that it is ok to be different.

It is not only about bullying. It is important that all children feel included and that they are able to talk freely about their families. Stonewall's Different Families report found that when children with lesbian, gay or bisexual family members realise that their family isn't ever mentioned in class, and other children use the word ‘gay’ to mean 'rubbish', they feel excluded and stop talking about their family.

Mrs Caroline Haigh is our Stonewall practitioner and has passed her knowledge onto the rest of the staff.

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